Derek Rangecroft

Personal statement: After studying at Canterbury College of Art, I moved to London to pursue a career in advertising as an art director. I worked in a variety of London advertising agencies for a period of 21 years before leaving to live in the country, where I wrote and illustrated a series of children’s books which were published in Britain, American and Australia. Since moving back to London I have concentrated on my personal work.

A recurring theme throughout this work has been dereliction and the effect that corrosion has on colour and texture.

Having grown up on the east coast of England where the inhospitable, easterly winter winds applied a salt water coating to most surfaces, causing an accelerated decay process, it was inevitable that the rusting, peeling facades would have found their way into my visual psyche.

As a child I spent a great deal of time playing in dilapidated barns and sheds. A lot of these buildings were cobbled together from corrugated iron, drift wood and off cuts, some of which housed abandoned, rusting farm machinery. All of this must have made a great visual impression as now, years later, I find an extraordinary allure and captivating charm in such places.

I use the medium of digital photography to produce original art pieces that find beauty in ugliness and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, working with techniques that include re-configuration, masking, montage, colour overlays and assemblage.