Emma Brownjohn

Since graduating from Camberwell, Emma has worked as a freelance illustrator, painter and muralist. Commmisions include Harrods, Nectar, Boots, Coke, Veet, Penguin and Absolut Vodka. Emma has exhibited her paintings at The Biscuit Factory, Ingo Finke, Wills Art Warehouse, Serena Hall and The London, Brighton and New York Art Fairs. Her paintings have recently been featured in a Blackberry advert and also been made in to a series of 9 greetings cards soon to be sold in most major retailers.

‘I paint to discover new colours and shapes and the way they interact, so a surprise, a joy or a memory can come true. I am inspired by both nature and urban life to show the beauty and immensity of our world. And my wish is to make paintings that are still and calm and give people the space to make them their own.’