Patrick Simkins

Patrick’s paintings aim to represent a city traditional in its origins but new and progressive in its make-up. With heightened colours, expressive mark-making and tactile impasto surface, he wants the paintings to intrigue, provoke and play with the viewer’s senses.

Painting with the original image ten paces behind him to act only as a reference, Patrick writes words that relate to his thoughts underneath the numerous layers of paint. The painting then becomes a reaction to his own spontaneous, energetic and human impulses. It creates a world that is almost recognisable, yet altered to a point where instinctive responses must take over in order to make full sense of what the eye perceives.

In this way, playing with semi-abstraction allows the work to take on a mysterious and emotionally intensified quality.

Patrick was named an official Storyteller for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The role saw him portray the Games through his own unique style, whilst meeting and subsequently making work on athletes such as Oscar Pistorius and the Brownlee brothers.